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Anyone who has purchased a paddle knows that a hand pump is a free accessory that comes with the paddle, but the reality is that most people are not strong enough to use a hand pump to inflate their inflatable paddles. Depending on how strong you are, or how good your cardio is, it can take about 10-15 minutes to inflate. 15 minutes may seem like no big deal,
but once you get your board past around 6 PSI, using the sup hand pump gets to be a decent workout.

Because of this, we see tons of people out on the water with half-inflated boards, not having as much fun as they could be. This is why anisup electric pump is our number one recommended accessory when it comes to building out your paddle kit.

We also want you as our reader to be aware that we only add pumps to the best list that we've heavily tested for over a year. We're super picky about which pumps we suggest to you because about 50% of the pumps
we get fail on us before year's end, and we don't want you to have that experience based on our recommendation.
With that in mind, you'll notice that this list is a bit shorter than some of the other best lists on this site but be assured that each of the 3 pumps below has been super reliable over the past year or so whether it be during our 110 degree
summer days or inflating board after board on our testing days.

Most paddle board electric pump are under $130 and are better than a manual pump in every single way. They are lighter and easier to pack than a manual pump, and many can be made portable. It saves your time and energy for your paddle,
will deflate your board to make for an easy pack up, and will overall help you have a better, more relaxing day on the water.

With that said, let's get into our list of our top 3 recommended electric pumps to help you narrow down your selection and make the best choice to fit your needs.

3 Best SUP Electric Pumps for Inflatable Paddle Boards

  1. Goosehill Paddle board Pump

  2. SUProck Master Shark II Electric Air Pump

  3. Nix isup Electric Pump

Goosehill 12 V Electric SUP Pump

Goosehill 20psi paddle board electric Pump

Goosehill 12 V electric Pump is going to hold its spot at the top of our list of best electric pumps. We have been able to use this pump for about a year and a half now without a hitch, and believe me, we put it through the wringer. The addition of Outdoor Master’s patented shark cooling system allows us to pump up 3 boards in a row with no rest period.

Goosehill Electric SUP Pump can pump up to 21 PSI in about 12 minutes, and under our testing pumped up a typical 10' board in just over 11 minutes. It features an automatic shut-off as well, so you can set your desired PSI using the digital display and walk away without worrying about running the motor too long or over-inflating your board. We also liked
that it came with 6 valve options that are not connected to the hose via a string-like piece of plastic. Instead, the valve pieces all come separated in a bag within the Goosehill box. This may seem super nit-picky, but when all the valve pieces are connected, they get in the way screwing and unscrewing the valve, and when wrapping up the hose; it's just one of our pet peeves.

This pump is also easy to carry around and store given its carry handle and flatter, oval-like shape; it could fit in the front or main zipper pocket of most iSUP bags. The power cord can easily be wrapped around the handle for storage and connects right to your car's cigarette lighter, so you don't have to pop the hood and access your battery.

Overall, we love this pump and will likely use it until we run it into the ground. We love that it's fast, but love even more that it can inflate more boards with less rest period, though we do recommend using some caution on extremely hot days as it will be easier for the pump to burn up. We also love that it's backed by a 3-year warranty, and have been happy with Outdoor Master's customer service.

SUProck Master Shark II Electric Air Pump

As we've said before, we love working with SUProck. They're a reputable company that stands behind their products and takes great care of their customers. Like the Goosehill II, we've put SUProck Electric Air Pump to the test. So far, it's been able to handle everything we've thrown at it. It inflates fairly quickly (up to 20 PSI in about 12 minutes), and we've yet to have an issue with overheating.

Like all the other pumps on this list, SUProck Master Shark II Electric Air Pump features an auto-shutoff when you've reached your selected PSI. We've found that it can inflate a 10' inflatable sup board to 18 PSI within 11 minutes. It connects via cigarette lighter cord to your car, or with alligator clips, depending on your preference. I also really liked the cord storage box on the pump to help everything stay compact and organized.

To summarize, SUProck has done a great job building a pump that inflates quickly, is easy to store and carry, and is at an average or below-average price point for electric pumps. SUProck also offers a 1-year warranty on the Master Shark II Electric Air Pump, in the case that it gives out on you.

Nix isup Electric Pump

The Nix pump was a strong contender for the second spot on our list, and at this point, we're calling it a tie between the Nix and the SUProck electric pump. The main reason the Nixy Ventus is "below" the SUProck pump is simply because we have not put it through as much use.

Nixy has made loads of improvements with the pump. They added a cooling mechanism (what they call 'Active Cooling Tech’), which is a great thing to look for when shopping for a good electric SUP pump, as one of the most common issues is overheating. This pump is also extremely easy to use with the digital display and automatic shutoff. You just need to set your desired PSI (Nix isup Electric Pump can inflate up to 20 PSI) and walk away expecting your board to be fully inflated in 10 minutes.

We loved the features of this pump as well. It comes with a travel bag that has a nice carry strap and an inside zipper pocket to store the hose and its 7 valve pieces. Its 10'cigarette lighter cord makes it super convenient to just plug into your car, but it also comes with optional alligator clips to attach to your battery if you'd like to. The cord is also able to be stowed away by wrapping it around the bottom of the pump and tucking the lighter connection into its slot, which makes storing and transporting this pump a breeze. It also is covered by a one-year warranty in case you do run into overheating issues.

Again, we really liked this pump. I'm excited to see how it holds up over more tests but its cooling mechanism, and organizational features keep the Nix on the top-end of our list, and I would not be surprised to see it move up space as we put it through more use.

Seamax SUP20D Professional Signature Version air pump is definitely an upgraded Edition inside the Seamax pumps relatives. Its claim to fame is the dual-phase motor, so in the event the pump begins to inflate, it screens the true-time tension in every single next and may find the pump the best timing to switch to 2nd stage.

Longevity worries: Although the difficulty With all the hose has now been solved, this pump doesn’t usually stand up into the check of your time.

Plug into a vehicle accessory jack, set wanted PSI about the electronic readout and inflate—the pump will automobile shut off at the proper force

iRocker sells a list of valve adapters to implement with other types of inflatables that don’t use H3 valves. You can find them within the iRocker on the internet retailer below.

Are there any SUP electric pumps that don't only operate off of a cigarette lighter? I’d prefer to inflate my board at my household and stroll it right down to the lake. Each individual pump appears to operate only off a cigarette lighter, This can be annoying

Managing time for just about any finished buy is very same or up coming organization day. Orders are cautiously packaged, labeled, and transported out unbelievably effectively.

But what if your vehicle’s cigarette lighter doesn’t work or your automobile basically doesn’t have one? Don’t fret, this electric SUP pump comes with an adapter that may hook up with your car or truck’s battery.

“Infinite Rush Outdoor is reader supported. We might make a small Fee at no additional Price tag to you ought to you come up with a purchase as a result of backlinks from this site.”

If you’re trying to find an electric pump for less than $one hundred, take into account the DAMA 20PSI Sup Electric Pump. Not merely will you have fantastic bang on your buck, you can also inflate as much as three SUPs straight away.

Most inflatable standup paddleboards have hand pumps �?which are fantastic and effortless. Utilizing a manual hand pump is just not that hard and it'll only get you 5-ten minutes just before your board is completely inflated.

An electric pump Usually can take around five to ten minutes to inflate a paddle board. Some high quality pumps even condition they will inflate a standard size paddle board in beneath five minutes! Time for you to inflate differs around the best sup pump electric pumps electrical power and the dimensions on the paddle board.

Almost all of the electric SUP pumps talked over in this article will refill your stand up paddle board in 10 minutes or less. 

Torque isup, The boards are constructed from superior quality marine PVC. The drop-stitching inside the board is our inhouse enhanced energy technological know-how. We change the entire process of the PVC lamination to include a slightly thicker extra long lasting layer into the boards, which also lets us to digitally generate amazing layouts on the board’s decks and raise buoyancy. The board can pump approximately 13psi comfortably.

Other functions include temperature configurations, timer, and stress configurations, all of which be certain that the built temperature and strain are not exceeded.

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